He is nervous even though he doesn't like me. Is that normal?

I really like this guy at work and everyone tells me that he only likes me as a friend. But he doesn't always treat me the same everytime I see him. Sometimes he smiles and says good morning. Other times it feels like he's flirting with me and other times he ignores me completely. My main question is if he doesn't like me then why would he act so nervous around me still? Maybe he still considers me the girl that likes him. Could he be more interested than I think he is.


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  • are you playing hot and cold too? you probably are. I have a similar situation where i like a girl (shy girl) and she obviously likes me, but every time i feel im making progress she starts to avoid and ignore me for a day or 2. So of course i back off then a day or 2 later she's showing interest, going out of her way to be around me, etc - aaand repeat. No guy wants to be the stalker type so when you give off the cold shoulder he's going to back off.

    • I'm not sure. I was trying to say hi to him and once he was really friendly but the rest of the time he came off a little cold. So I stopped trying to say hi to him since he was always cold to me. I guess I should accept he doesn't like me.

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  • He might just be nervous talking to a girl, and as far as sometimes flirting, guys just flirt because it feels good to them, but it doesn't mean he likes you more than a friend. Accept that nothing is going to happen there :)

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