Why don't I feel anything?

I have a boyfriend.
And, we are affectionate.
But, I have been hurt in the past and for some reason I don't really feel any love.
I have been with other guys and it is the same thing.
But I want to stay with this guy because, he is so sweet and he cares about me more than anyone else has.

Please, help.


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  • What would you like me to do?


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  • The issue is clearly you, but I think you know that already. You got hurt so now you've closed yourself off emotionally and are having difficulty connecting/being vulnerable with someone. in my opinion you'd be best leaving and working on addressing you fear of love. It's great that the guy you are with is sweet and caring but that's not enough to make a healthy relationship. That's more like the bare minimum. And the real problem that will hinder things is you, if you are emotionally unavailable.

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