Is it normal to be 24 years old never kissed a girl and held a girls hand not including being a virgin? please can I get opinions from people?

i have been bullied all of my life by girls and guys I've been beat down and honestly it helped build me and make me resilient etc. I don't want to go any further into that aspect but I've focused on myself and at a young age I've been able to become very successful, I've focused on my hobbies, and pretty much have become totally happy with my life and accomplished a lot, still no girl ever came or showed interest in me even after focusing on myself and becoming successful and now I feel loneliness starting to take over my life, I know you'll say continue focusing on your hobbies or rejection is a part of the process but the same thing was said to me years ago, and before you know it I will be 30 and then 40, in public I smile am healthy and clean, in physically good shape, I make small talk but it just seems like I am not dating material to girls I even tried online dating and girls out of the blue have blocked me or ignored me after they probably catch on to me being inexperienced, what made me stop looking for a girl was this girl who I thought really liked me, we had arranged for dinner but she never showed up and I was left there... I don't want to talk about what else happened because it's too painful but I just want to know, even though im a genuine and interesting person, will girls see the fact that I have no relationship experience in my mid 20s as a turn off or the fact that I'm a virgin put them off from me, I just honestly want to know because it is already hard as it is and now I have to prove myself even more as to why I have never had a girlfriend, I always hear be yourself and I have focused on myself but it seems like I will be judged from this and I'm thinking about actually giving up on finding a girlfriend all together, I think of all the girls who will think I'm a weirdo or a freak that I have never held a girls hand... I have no family either and I don't want to go in depth there either, so tell me, honestly, is it weird, I can take criticism?

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  • Your question was "just want to know, even though im a genuine and interesting person, will girls see the fact that I have no relationship experience in my mid 20s as a turn off or the fact that I'm a virgin put them off from me" and my answer is no.

    They will not care so much that you have no relationship experience or that you are a virgin as much as they will care about the other things in your post.

    You mentioned you were bullied, beat down, a girl stood you up and it really affected you and you have no family.

    All of these things probably have more affect than you being inexperienced.

    My suggestion is to become comfortable and confident with who you are now regardless of your past experience. If you are a comfortable and confident person people will be attracted to you naturally. And if you are successful and confident, women will be clamoring after you.

    It will be hard. But don't focus so much on your experience and focus more on being comfortable in your own skin. That would be my advice.

    Good luck to ya'.


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  • Okay I said it's a little weird but not in a bad way. People have their quirks and there's someone out there for everyone.
    For advice, I can tell you about a guy that tried to pursue me. He was in orchestra and super shy. Never really talked to girls he thought were pretty. He would always message me on Facebook though sounding needy and insecure. Like I'm sorry I message you so much, I'm sorry I'm weird, stuff like that. Just stay confident, don't EVER feel the need to beg for a girl. If you do then they aren't interested, and I gaurantee you will find someone that is. Just give it some time.

  • You know... there are girls out there in the same boat as you... wondering where you are. Honestly, you'll meet someone when you least expect it. I would advise against hanging out in bars too much. I think that the greater majority of bar life is to find someone to hook up with for the night. You don't sound like that kind of guy. And about being inexperienced, remember that you're not the only one. So stop singling yourself out. You're going to find a girl who likes you for You; not how many chicks you've humped.


What Guys Said 2

  • It's not normal and I say that as someone who is in the same position as you are.

  • For a guy I'd say that's pretty normal. I know a guy who's about to turn 32 who hasn't done any of that stuff.

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