He said he doesn't want to date anyone?

He thinks I'm beautiful and very pretty, but he doesn't want to date anyone right now bc he thinks it is a hassle what does this mean? Does it mean that he isn't interested in me?


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  • Means he's doesn't want to be in a relationship.
    No hidden meaning, you can find someone attractive but not want to be in a relationship. I'd suggest moving on.


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  • He is Obviously wet behind the Ears in Years here, dear, And with This... There could be a few Reasons of his own Seasons of why he is Not Into Dating anyone right now.
    The 'Hassle' he probably speaks about, Could be Monetary Matters Or he Might just Like the fact of Not having to be Hooked at the Hip with any One girl but that doesn't mean, He and You cannot be friends for Now... You never know with joe.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Maybe he not interested!

  • He means exactly what he says. He doesn't feel ready to be with anyone right now. I think you should move on.