Is this technically a date?

I've had a crush on this girl for about 2 years. I finally got the courage to talk to her a month and a half ago. She was nice and we kinda became friends. This past Monday we were talking about Captain America Civil War. I've already seen it, but she hasn't. She said, "I'm gonna see it it Saturday, wanna go?". She knew I already saw it. I said sure. We are gonna meet at the theatre. Is this a date? She is really nice but I can't tell if she flirting or not. How should I act? I've never gone out with a girl yet. We are both 16 by the way. Thanks


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  • If you pay... it's a date for sure. If you each pay for your own ticket... it's only a date if you call it one! On your way there say, "It's a date!" If you two pay (tickets) separately, maybe buy the two of you popcorn. 😎 Have a nice time!


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  • I'd take that as a date if I were in your position.


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