Is he just scared is that why he said that, does he care, confused and unsure?

Guy said he wants serious relationship (we are long distance), I said I did too, he said good, we have know each other for a couple of years, feelings developed vice versa, after that he went quiet, I thought would wait for contact from him, in the end though it got to me, so I messaged said you said u was serious then disappeared, also asking how he was, he replied with I am ok, so i texted back do u want me or not, he said not really, I didn't reply,2 more messages arrived one saying I just think it won't work, later another message arrived, what do u think, I replied saying

you hurt me saying not really
if your feelings are real for me
it doesn't matter how far I am, people make it work
if you want something you fight for it
but if you can't do that and you don't want me
i am walking away
i can't be your friend
and I won't message you again
then messaged him this

think very clearly about this, do you want to lose me, can you live without me, because i will walk away and then there will be no more chances, are you always going to give up on things
I've tried my hardest , you ask for another chance, i gave it you, why do you talk about marriage then say your not wanting me, you play silly games, im too good for excuses or lies, i want you, but if you give up this chance, im out if your life, i said it too you last year and i mean it
you will never ever be able to contact me so give me a mature reply, and dont leave me thinking your not caring or i will be forced to move on..

Does he really care but is scared, thoughts please on this!!!
Thoughts on why he acted like this please?


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  • Doesn't sound like someone who's scared or confused... just lost interest, most likely because of the pressure a long distance relationship has on people.

    • but when we had misunderstanding in the past January 2015, he came back I can't forget you, and he always came back, he suffers from low self esteem thats another thing, had trouble believing when I said I had feelings, would say when i'd go out, are you out with a boyfriend, and there are other guys their

    • So is that what you want in this stage of your life? A guy who doesn't know what he wants, is willing to hurt you but always comes back?

      My suggestion is to move on, other than that you're just asking to be hurt by continuing in this pattern.

    • I intend too do that now, too best honest, its up too him too prove me wrong

  • I don't think he cares I'm sorry


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  • His text response to your question of whether he wants you are not was his answer. He said not really. So there you go.

    I know it is hard to hear and it is not what you wanted to hear but that is the answer. I suggest you move on.

    Good luck.

    • But then he responded with two further messages after i didn't respond and only responded after his last message

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    • I get it then cause he never changed his mind in over a year, back and forth

    • I know it is hard. Especially giving up the "idea" of what this "relationship" could be. But just think, if you move on then you are available for a relationship with someone that truly wants to be with you and you know it. You know it every day.

      That is so much better than being in an almost, never happened thing one to two year thing.

      I would suggest you stop communicating with him and move on.

      Good luck to you.

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