Attracted but can't date?

I am attracted to a female and after conferring with her I learned that she is attracted to me. I am atrocious at expressing emotion (go look up "INTJ personality type") and while I do kind of wish to take things further I am not permitted to by my parents. I am 17.


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  • Not again with the personality types >.>.
    Don't let that limit you. If you're terrible at expressing emotions, then be better at it. Anyway, odds are that you're going to miss your chance like it happens to so many people.

    • I am not normally one to believe such things but after half my friends and I were screwing around with personalities and we came across INTJ they just looked at me and said "this is you". I am learning, albeit rather slowly, how to express emotion.

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  • Who cares if you're not permitted, live a little! Be a rebel and get what you want.


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  • Calm down there, Raymond Holt. So, just wait until you are 18 then. Become independent and do as you please.

    • I do not understand that reference. Please elaborate.

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    • I collected data in him and as I am neither black nor gay nor am I in law enforcement this comparison makes no sense.

    • Yeah, again; "you have to watch it."