How does a shy guy get a girlfriend?

I am shy,

Not super shy, but still shy.

I am nice, and the girls I do end up talking to usually online fall in love with me (Non-Dating sites). I find it really easy to talk to them and have a lot of fun.

In real life, I am shy.

So if I even try to talk to a girl, they usually think I am weird.

If I take things too slow, I always wind up in the friend zone.

But if I ask them out really fast, they are not ready.

I know girls will like me if they just gave me a chance, but I'm shy and they just won't give me a chance and I really would like to have a relationship one day but nothing has worked for me. Online dating, small talking to girls...

I see other guys that can just go flirt with any girl for an hour, and I just feel sad because I am not like that... I could maybe small talk a little bit, but I am not a huge flirt... I am shy :(


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  • You have to decide if you're willing to work on being more social in order to accommodate a relationship, because you can't expect a woman to just date you when you don't express interest or bother making the effort to maintain a conversation.

    • It feels scary doing that, I am really bad at it as well.

      Sometimes I come on too strong, sometimes too weak... I am just terrible at interacting with females, and I am so old it feels hard to get experience now.

      Maybe I am not supposed to ever have a girlfriend or talk to girls? :(

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    • The girls that seem to like me, I do end up putting a lot of pressure on myself to not blow my chance.

      The girls that I talk to for whatever are really mean to me, and I feel bad cause I was only talking as a friend, and they are very cold towards me which ends up hurting.

    • Just keep practicing and change the way you view interactions. The more you talk to girls, the easier it will get.

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