Does she see any good in me anymore?

She says she loves me but she barely EVER shows it anymore, and every little wrong thing I do turns into an argument. Tonight was super bad, I was looking around on Insta and fb and she apparently was waiting for me to text her first. I'll be honest, I got distracted.. But she got mad at me about it and it turned into like an hour and a half long argument :( does she see anything good on me anymore? Please help, we argue often now and I want our relationship to be repaired :(


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  • The main problem here is that you and your girlfriend are still developing your communication skills. Youguys end up in arguments because youguys have a hard time understanding each other's different perspectives.

    If she barely shows that she actually loves you, she doesn't. To me, this seems like she is stringing you along for an ego boost. I recommend you to break it off.

    Also, she was "waiting for you to text her first"? Honestly, that's not even a good reason to get mad. It just proves her immaturity.

    It seems like you are lacking self-esteem. I am not looking to offend you. Please respect yourself more, you deserve better. There is no reason to be rude. Respectfully tell her that she is not treating you the way you want to be treated, and break up. There are plenty of other girls out there. Youguys need time apart from each other, and more time to develop your social skills.


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  • If you guys constantly argue, then your relationship is probably doomed, especially if both of you are not willing to make any compromises.


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