Was it my mistake? Pls help me guys and girls?

We casually started dating, she started flirting with other dudes. And blew me off.
Then those other guys turned out to be douchebags, she reached out to me but now i ignored her.
Its been 4 months of no contact, was it my mistake?

  • Yes, it was your mistake. You shouldn't have ignored her.
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  • No ut wasn't your mistake, she blew you off. If she regrets what she did, she should contact you.
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What Girls Said 2

  • No, you wanted her and she wanted other people. You're not obligated to wait around for her, you have all the right to move on and not be interested when she came back.

  • Nope. If she blew you off you have every right not to want anything to do with her.


What Guys Said 1

  • No she was at fault 100%
    Women like her are garbage and she will never be happy because she is to busy making shit life decisions under the belief she doesn't have to be responsible for the fall out.
    You are better off without her crap.