Is there such thing as being "too easy" if both parties are both interested in each other and aren't playing games?

I met this guy a few weeks ago. I live out of town for school but will be returning to live closer to him in a week. After our first date, we saw each other again a week later (on the weekend when I could come home) and I ended up sleeping at his place (no sex mind you) and the next day we saw each other at his place and cuddled and made out again.

My guy friend is telling me I'm too easy, especially since I am attractive he should be "moving mountains" for me. He said I'm not making this guy work and I should not let him touch me and I shouldn't go to his place at all, and I need to be really "catch me if you can" mentality. I don't know... I don't want to play games but I also don't want to appear as too easy. I really do like this guy, and he does appear genuine. He hasn't pressured sex and he says he's not looking for just sex. He wants a relationship, companionship.

When I say returning to him, I just mean I will be going back home which happens to be closer to his place


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  • you did great to hold boundaries of no sex with him, that is what is important and you got brownie points. Definetly don't give yourself away easy, slower you go the better the bonding...
    maybe when you live closer you don't sleep over... but just try to have a normal relationship with him and let it grow... like have fun together, get to know each other and how you think, likes dislikes, upbringing, etc.. since you are both looking for LTR. live true to your values, whatever those are. good luck!
    but don't play games like you said with time and availability. At this point, if you are exclusive and dating, then make yourself available. If you are not dating, then being totally available at beck and call can look needy, you dont' want to be needy at that stage or in general, but you want to be available for them.

    • We aren't exclusive... Yet... We kinda had an incident in which I thought we were but aren't and it's kinda rocky right now but I think we're moving past it

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  • Your guy friend is either an idiot or trying to sabotage this for you. Games are for children and if you've found a guy who doesn't play games with you, don't play games with him! Be glad you don't have to deal with that bullshit!

    One of the reasons I fell so quickly and easily for my boyfriend is because the whole thing was "easy" right from the start. No lying, no games, no bullshit... we were both just honest about what we wanted and where we were at. It was wonderful (and still is)!

    • I feel like that's how it should be!

    • It is! It's so much nicer and so much easier to build trust and rapport when you're not constantly questioning whether the person is really into you or not, or what they want with you, etc. I always hated dating because of that bullshit and I had no patience for it, so I'd never play those games with other people either since I didn't want them played with me. If I'd been seeing a guy for more than a couple weeks and he was doing that shit where he makes sure he only texts so many times or leaves so much time between texts or acts aloof or anything else designed to keep me guessing I was so fucking done lol

    • I couldn't agree more

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  • No. If you both like each other, you should both make things easier to start a relationship. Playing hard to get will only push the guy away... well, at least it would push me away, but I have self respect, many other guys would drop to their knees and drag themselves through the dirt to get you... which is pathetic, but many girls seem to like pathetic guys :/

  • sounds ideal, actually.

    • What I'm doing? Or what he suggests

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    • Well he's my older cousin... So I don't think he's trying to get with me 😂

    • But thank you!

  • Yes and no.

    Yes, there is an too easy, if a or both person is only interested in the other for superficial reasons.

    No, there is no too easy, if both are truly interested in each other.


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  • I think your friend is dumb lol. And if the dude thinks you're easy by moving fast then he's dumb too cuz I don't think that's an indication whatsoever. If you want to wait a little bit to have sex until it's confirmed that you guys are in an exclusive relationship, that would make sense, but you don't have to avoid going to his place or not let him touch you. I'm personally a fan of just going with the flow and doing things whenever they feel right.

  • No, there's no such thing as being too easy. Hell, if I liked a guy I would even have sex with him right away lol! If he liked me as much as I like him, it wouldn't turn him off. If it that would turn him off, then that means he's an idiot and I'm out byeeee.