Guy giving the silent treatment?

I've known a guy for 2 months now. he's been crazy basically and is into metaphysical things.
first he was nice, but then all he was was crazy abusive and nuts. he's also on diff meds. he also
sees diff women and wants to get them to meet. recently, b/c of his awful behavior i told him we shouldn't talk anymore. this was after some crazy things he did to me. i was still planning on talking to him but then he suddenly gave me the silent treatment. for five days. I did everything to text him etc. He's also doing witchcraf type stuff too. Finally after five days, he texts me with one word--also he did try calling me several days ago but he has no phone. with him playing these games--how can someone get some idiot like this to stop this crap he's doing..


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  • *Reads paragraph*

    ... Do you have ANY idea like... how much of a douchebag this guy sounds like? I'm serious.

    Take a step back and like, read what you wrote. So not only is he some kind of pseudo-spiritual, metaphysical douchebag who apparently uses modern medicine to try and control his brain, he also gives you the silent treatment like a child instead of trying to talk things out like an adult.

    Like, if that isn't the textbook definition of a douchebag, I don't know what is.

    • he's crazy... and psycho.. but, he's into all that energy stuff, so he's basically using it to control and torture me... and when i told him i didn't want to talk anymore he's been making me suffer all week..

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    • You... really expect me to believe this? You came on here thinking, "Oh, it's no big deal. Let me just ask this question about witchcraft and magic spells like it's normal. Cause everyone believes in witchcraft."

      God that's funny. Hey, tell you what. Tell him to use some of that witchcraft on me. In fact, I'll send you 100 dollars through paypal if he can transfer all of that bad magic from you, and put it onto me instead.

      If I so much as catch a cold in a month, I'll give you a hundred dollars.

    • well.. it doesn't matter what u or any idiot thinks.. that's stupid..
      and yes its normal...

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  • You can never get him to stop, it's the way he is. Stay away from him. Don't have any contact with him ever again. Nothing good will come from it.

    • how do u know--have u dealt with the silent treatment before

    • Yes.

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  • Why would you keep talking to him or care? I would run so far and fast away from him. Crazy? Talking to other girls? Abusive? And you want to keep talking to him? If he is on meds and stuff then he at least is getting help but do you want that baggage? Maybe wait until he figures out the right meds to get himself back in control.

    • im not.. he's into witchcraft, so when i tried to stop talking to him he did some heavy shit on me and I've been suffering all week

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