Why is it so hard to tell the guy/or girl you are attracted to?

that you are attracted to them and like them? I mean I know it is for the rejection factor most of the time but why it has to be so hard just to say those small words, especially if you know the other person may feel the same towards you and probably they like you too.

Why is so difficult to break the ice and tell the person that if there is a small chance you both like each other or have many similar common interests so the rejection issue could be minimum in this case.

Im talking here about the situation for any age, even girls in their mid 40's that I know are dealing this this because they dont know how to express that to the guys they are attracted to and just started to get to know them.

Other reasons I heard is that the fact that once you tell a guy/girl you are attracted to them or like them, the friendship factor plays a role as they believe once those magical words are said, he or she will treat them differently but why it has to be that way, I dont get it. Being attracted to someone or like or to be liked is something to feel good about it as you think "Ohh someone is paying attention to me finally" especially for those guys or girls who had been so so unclucky in love or even to meet a guy or girl or those who before noone had paid attention to them at all and have 0 dating experience or 0 hanging out experience with boys or girls.

Any input on this?

Im kind of going through a similar thing at this moment with a guy I feel attracted to since last year when I first met him but I never told him Im attracted to him and so far I haven't told him., I be embarrased to do it so as I think he does not feel the same way so I better hide that to myself and never tell him anything. Not that we are dating or seeing each other now as we dont, but last year I did went out with him on a first date, we had a good time, we made out super nice, we hug each..
each other and daysy later even texted on going out again but that never happend due to some particular circumsntances that still are unexplainable to me. We had similar hobbies and interests and I hit it off with him so quicky and broke the ice with him so fast when I met him last year as it had never happened to me before but I dont know at this moment in time if he feels the same way or ever felt the same way at all.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's not hard at all.

    • Not so hard? How can u overcome that? I mean many people do not take the step in telling those things to the other person for beign afraid, rejection, the other person point of view, the loose of the friendship, etc etc

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  • Because everyone is scared of being rejected and being told that they are not good enough.