Why does my boyfriend look at escort sites?

hey, i really didn't know where else to look too.. so here i go, i started dating this guy about two months ago now, before he met me he was single for 3 years. he was the type to always have one night stands. i was really curious and confused cause i have been really hurt in the past, and i came across escort sites, and pictures of women. he was in the shower and i confronted him freaking out.. i know bad idea.. but i was really upset because i REALLY started to care for this guy.. he's 22 and im 21. seems like he has a huge problem with this.. like, i dont feel as if im filling his sexual needs because I've only been with 6 people, and I've also told im not good at sex.. and he has told me im not sure what to do because of that reason.. not good at riding or anything like that.. but i like it freaky.. which he likes.. anyways, i told him about what i seen and freaked out.. i noticed a bunch of random numbers on his phone too, not thinking much of it but i asked him who they were and he couldnt really tell me. so my mind was wandering there. he said its normal for him to look at stuff like that.. which i think is disgusting, he's like to do things like that is fine because it helps the urge, and doesn't make you cheat. im a little confused... apparently he gets turned on by the fact they are locals.. its like WHY ARE YOU WITH ME THEN... you see there face ever again i look like the idiot, cause you seen them fucking naked.. he also shows photos to the people he works with, and asks them if they are fuckable or not.. really dont know how to take this.. he broke his phone in anger, and he was so upset that i at to find out his darkest secrets.. but he swore to me he was just looking.. besides, he doesn't even really have time for that.. he works all the time.. but he does get back late sometimes, like super late. I don't know what to do really... any advice? is this fucking normal


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  • why would he have random numbers in his phone? is part of his job cold calling people?

    if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck

    i hate to say it but i think your dude is a patron of those "ladies of the night"

    • thats the thing.. im not 100% sure.. but i have seen random numbers on his phone so it makes me weery.
      im getting his hours from work tomorrow and its bank history.
      you can't get sex for free from them, and apparently he cares about me so much. and that its normal, just i dont see how escorts in guelph is normal, i can't understand how it turns him on knowing they are in the area.
      seems like he wants to be with me and fuck them on the side, isn't happening.

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    • Heads up everything is great! I haven't noticed anything like that since lol
      I've also became more chill

    • sounds great.

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  • Porn? Yes. Escort Sites? Ummm... is he looking at the pictures, or is he meeting prostitutes? That's what an escort is, a glorified prostitute. Someone probably without the balls for porn so they just sneak around sleeping with dudes.

    Honestly, I'd be running to a clinic to get tested before I even confronted him. If he's actually meeting them that's really gross. If he's just fantasizing, that's really normal.

    • i honestly think he is just looking at them...
      like, im making him give me bank statements, his work hours.
      pretty crazy, but he's willing to do so, they dont just fuck for free.
      so once i get his hours and money statement im sure it will be all fine.

      i can understand how he is fantasizing, but like why have me a girlfriend then?
      he could easily just sleep around..
      and we checked. he doesn't have anything, he also has a small penis lol

    • Hahaha BURN.

      Well, I agree it is still stupid to look if you're with someone. Like am I not good enough? I know most guys use the excuse "I'm a guy" so I think deep inside some of them actually feel entitled to do it.

      My fiance drives me crazy because he looks at half naked girls on the T. V all day but if a really hot guy comes on he changes the channels LOL

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  • Nope not fucking normal. he's definitely sticking his dip stick in other oil pans. Break up and get yourself checked.

  • Time to put him back in check. Porn is one thing. Escorts... completely different ball game. He knows this. How many crooks you think tell the shop keep, "I'm just looking," as they are casing a joint?

  • I guess your not filling a certain need he has and looks at them and may be getting from them late at night what you don't do for him but needs you as his girlfriend for the rest of the time to be with but its not normal to do all that if he has you

    • thats the thing...
      im here all the time for him to have sex.. all the time, i never turn him down.
      i dont want him fucking around with them.. i dont mind him looking all that much.. but its literally just fucked.
      if i dont fill his needs why the hell is he with me.

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    • maybe the reason is i neber turn him down?
      i love sex with him.. its different, i have so many inseructies with it, but he helps me through with them.
      like, i snapped at him today when i found out, when he gets back im going to sit down and actually chat with him about it

      ask him, why.
      but all his response is..
      i dont know, its just nice that they are local.

      like jesus man, you wanna see local girls dont be with me.
      i might just end it for my sake.
      thank you.

    • Yeah that's a weird answer that they are local, if they were far and unreachable would make more sense that it's just for the pics. You really need to sit him down and find out if he really wants to be with you

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  • Ummm porn is normal... escorts? Not so much. I don't think I'd be ok with that either.

  • He sounds pretty fucked up. I couldn't be bothered to deal with a dude like that.

  • That is not normal at all you need to leave. He is not just looking
    A horn many looking at local escorts. .. he acts on that!

  • Has he ever dropped around 500 dollars on anything that you know of?

    • I checked every and nothing!
      So he's in the clear.. I also have been looking at his history etc

  • If I caught my guy looking at escort sites he wouldn't be with me. Escorts are legal hookers and in this day and age I dont want any stds.