Why is it wrong for a man to date a younger woman (scenario included) ?

Consider this fictitious scenario

We have a guy, a typical nerd. Very intelligent, socially awkward and shy. Possess the stereotypical scrawny nerd look with a freckled face, croked teeth, big round glasses. But otherwise has a great personality, is very smart and a great listener. Now throughout he's teenage years and 20's he faces constant rejection from beautiful woman. Eventually he settles for a less attractive obese chick.

Now fast forward some years and he's in his 40s. He's divorced, has a great career, accomplished big things in life. At this point the ties have turned, he's now at the top tier in the dating market. Lots of woman want him, those he's age, those that are a few years older and those that are significantly younger.

Now say he chooses, given his abundance of options, to date a super attractive, intelligent girl who's in her 20s. Is he doing something wrong?

Why should he be obligated to date a woman around his age when

A) They are past their peak and not as attractive as younger woman
B) That was the generation of woman who overlooked him when he was in his 20s and wanted nothing to do with him.


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  • He shouldn't, he can date whoever he wants (so long as it's legal). Age shouldn't be such a decisive factor. I know people in their thirties who act like teenagers and 20-year-olds with the maturity of someone much older


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  • If he goes through a string of young women he sees simply as objects to be conquered to salves his wounded self esteem, that's bad.

    If he tries to have good relationships with women he finds compatible and attractive, and (partly because of age) those women are more often younger, then no. But he'll get lots of complaints anyway.


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  • Well women will get pissed about it due to bitterness.

    Also part of it is the way it looks. I feel like people are more ok with a young looking 40 year old dating a 20 year old than they are with an old looking 30 year old dating a 20 year old.

  • Yes. Gross.

  • Doing wrong according to?

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