Why do some guys freak out when things start to go somewhere?

Was into a friend, and reguardless of the fact that he to was interested, he freaked out.

ex. He invited me to his cottage for his birthday he picked me up and on the way barely said a word and when we were there he became super distant couldn't be in the same room at the same time until the rest of our friends arrived. ( He has no issue speaking to me when there are other people around but the minute we're alone freaks/panics ) I really liked him but everything went south, just trying to understand what could have happend? Insecure? Inexperienced? Ego related? Me?


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  • Fear of commitment or fear of things falling apart.


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  • it could be inexperience or he is just to respectful to send you a a hint or signal in case you think he isn't serious.

  • Probably insecure... Just ask him out or something, I don't know. I'm not around your age, so I don't know if anything would change around that age.


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