Should I date a confused guy?

This guy wants me to be his girlfriend but just a couple of days ago he said he like guys. I dont know what to do. He says he likes me but he said he liked my gay friend. Due to my gay friend not liking him, he said he moved on to me.

Well he said he is bi, but I really don't know what to do. He keeps saying that I am hurting him which i don't want to do. I just told him that we can be friends, because I really don't know him that well and I order I think to be with him I have to see if I like him or not. and if he really likes me. I told him to give it time. I think because he is graduating in June that he wants to to happen really fast.


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  • Depends on what you want
    If you wanna have some fun then yep you should
    If you're finding love then nope cause you'll get hurt at last 💁


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  • Ouch,.. Hmm.. Well, do you like him?
    And is he dating you because he LIKES YOU or because he is confused and wants to try something out with a girl first before being sure he wants to be with guys?
    I'd say really find out how he feels about YOU and whether he is only experimenting or really invested in wanting to find out more about you and be in a relationship with you.

    Since it seems he is confused, I would say, don't get involved in that but ultiimately is up to you and how you feel about him. Also find out how he is really feeling about 'females' in general and 'guys' in general.. Then you can assess whether he is bi or just gay but needs reassurance and up to you to decide if you want to get involved in that muddy water and unknown territory that can potentially hurt you if the other person is not as invested or committed like you are. Then it won't be worht your time and effort.

    • He says he bi but read the new update on the question that would explain.

    • Ok girl, dont waste your time then.. Leave him be.
      If he was interested in you, he would build a relationship with you.. If you were with him, you would..

      This just sounds like a waste of time. Dont waste your breath.. You can find better guys out there.. Let him figure his things out on his own without using you as a the tool to know what he wants. That's his work not yours. Good luck!

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  • that makes you his second choice just within the span of who he has available. I would never date a confused person if I didn't see hope of them becoming unconfused. I would tell him, go to a counselor, get unconfused, then we'll talk...


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