He likes me or not??

• He is 20 and younger than me, I said how come you are so young, he said “ Sorry”

• I am his customer (He owns a restaurant) , we talk a little bit everyday such as “ How are you?, how’s your job? How‘s your holiday? etc , He talks to me nicely, teasing me sometime, he calls my name all the time, e.g. “Hi, (my name)”

• He used to say “me and xxx( his staff) will go to your house and partying.

• He has my phone number, but never called.

• I texted him, he usually doesn’t reply. ( whenever I miss him, I send him a blank text)

• I saw him with a girl walking on the street; he put his arm on her waist. He said he doesn’t have a gf.

• We used to smile to each other a lot whenever I pass his shop, but I try to control my emotion these days so I don’t look into his shop anymore when I pass it.

Do you think he just treats me as a good customer or a friend or more than a friend? I definitely have feelings for him, but I don’t want to take any action before I am sure he likes me, otherwise I will be so embarrassed if he refused to hang out with me.


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  • Don't send blank text messages. I think he sees you as a good customer and possibly a friend. If you really want to get him to think about you, you have to hang out or go out with him. I don't think he knows that you like him.


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  • You need to stop sending blank text messages, that makes you look so immature & he is probably thinks you don't know how to use a cellphone. Blank text messages are annoying.

    Also you saw him with a chick & he had his arm around

    her waist ...this indicates he is definitely comfortable with her and is interested in her.

    If you really like him him you need to step your game up! When you see him talk to him! Get to know him more and it doesn't hurt to flirt! It's clear that you haven't been showing him that your interested in him, because you wouldn't have this problem.

    Good Luck girl!


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