How do we have more fun before I lose him?

I've been seeing this guy for nearly a year and at the moment he doesn't seem interested in talking to me.
We used to joke around, laugh, do fun things and talk about random stuff together but we don't anymore.
He is at uni (3 hrs away) and so when he is away, because we aren't fun anymore, he doesn't talk to me.
He also tags other people in stuff on Facebook that he usually would have tagged me in - all his new friends, because they have fun.
He comes back in a week for the weekend.

I don't know what to do. How do i fix this before i lose him?


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  • ask him why.

  • as I guy my advice would be to play it cool when he comes home, try not to be too clingy or anything but joke with him and maybe try to get some conversation going like you used too. and then I don't know if you guys are sexually active or not but if you are at the end of the night or whenever I would work hard to make sure you give him the time of his life. make him want to come back for more. but other than that just play it cool. how long has it been since you last saw him in person?


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