Not sure what to do :( ?

I've been talking to this guy for almost two years we had sex about three times already and I told him that I really liked him and he just said ok and three months later I find out he has a girlfriend and he told me that his girlfriend talks to guys so he talks to girls and I'm one of them and he knows it hurts me that he's with someone else knowing I like him and he still texts me and asks for nudes but I don't give them to him and then he makes me feel bad when he says to not text anymore until he does which is a week or two later. what should I do I can't seem to give him up :(

I'm giving him up that asshole up even though it's going to hurt


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  • What reasons keep you liking him? Think about that.

    - Is it because he is hot? Well, there are more hot guys around.
    - Is it the personality? Can't be... he's clearly a shitty person.
    - Does he say you are pretty and hugs you a lot? That's not love... you just feel lonely.
    - Is he a good listener and a talker? Well, no big deal, other's are also.

    I would delete that person from my life and try to know new people.


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  • Stop talking to the dick. Have enough self-respect not to be waiting around for that douche.

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