How long to wait before texting a guy when you get his number?

Basically back in 2014 my friends older brother asked me for my number. At the time I never had a phone though, so I didn't have a number to give.

However, last night I met him when I was out with friends. I was a little drunk? I went and said hi and he remembered my name and all :). So I then chatted a bit and dropped on that I now have a phone. He then hinted at getting my number and I asked if he'd like it. He was like 'yes please'. So I gave him it, he phoned me so I have his. So yeah, I reckon he's kinda shy? (He seems it anyway) so I'm not sure when to text him really.

What do you think? :)


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  • I say after he gets a girlfriend, then gets marry, have kids and the kids grow up is how long you should wait to text him.


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  • Text him when you feel like talking to him