I wonder what advice a sex worker would give to her son in dating?

Just something I thought of. I mean she sees all those poor souls who couldn't choose their sex life and those guys who she screws but feels absolutely shit for. I wonder if she would contradict herself and tell her son that "there is the one" or "find that special person" where in reality that doesn't exist and she sees this day in and day out from shy guys, married settled guys, struggling average joes, etc. I just wonder what she would tell her son? Interesting topic in my opinion🤔

I think she would be more well versed in giving her son a reality check about the dating game over the majority of moms who live in Disney fantasy worlds and create sons that rush to places like gag.

Wish Philosoraptor were here with me😳


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  • I used to be a sex worker from the age of 18 - till about a year ago. I will probably be honest with my son because I don't want him to be like my clients.
    They are lovely men in many ways; respectful and clean. Many saw me on a regular basis and bought me gifts/gave me extra money to buy something nice. I was lucky to be very selective and my agent couldn't force me to see clients however I am not stupid. Most sex workers do not have this freedom.
    Men that buy sex adore being able to control a womans sexuality. Many had wives and girlfriends but they didn't want to treat women as people- they wanted them as commodities. Maybe you can blame the growing porn industry and its availability.
    They don't love sex. They love the power. The end result without a ritual or seduction.

    It is human nature to seek satisfaction and gratification. I will teach my son that kindness is something you learn through respect and empathy. Teach him that most of the world is placed in a situation where they have to service the wealthy or waste away your life doing work that drains the soul. The most disgraceful thing you can do is take advantage of this modern day slavery.
    I will be disgusted if he buys into the system that takes advantage of an underpaid workforce and desperation.

    Its so much more than DATING. Its the whole mentality of the modern man.

    • By respectful I mean my clients used to be polite and well mannered. I was lucky because I could kick men out if they dared to be abusive or dirty. Most sex workers do not have this privilege that comes with being white and British. Ask any Asian, black or eastern european sex worker.
      There is no such thing as true respect when a transaction is involved.

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    • Gifts and expectations are not kindness and empathy. Helping humanity as a whole is kindness.
      I want my future son to be like his father who I am with. Kind towards the homeless, the ones in need and people around him. Empathetic towards the outcasts and non-judgemental.
      You win a womans heart when you have quality and respect deep within your soul. Where sex is something incredible you share together not something self-satisfying.
      I want him to spend that 200 on his mother like my partner does or to someone in need, not so he can satisfy his sexual needs. Good karma brings great love.
      Man is not born like this, they make their mistakes but everyone has the potential to be great.
      Very long explanation. Its complicated

    • I can tell you that you are wrong because I am one of those guys. I am that which I describe. You proved me right though: "saw me because they had no other option" and the convenience part is also true for many men. If I'm introverted for example, going out and meeting women is very hard (for casual sex) so why not just get a prostitute. Additionally many men settled with the wrong women and/or have sexual pasts that prevented them from sleeping with a you girl (thas one reason I did it. I'm a late bloomer that missed out so I see 20 something year old sex workers... help with university fees😂)

      But my point is, if you take any of the above, it points to one thing: many men cannot choose their sexual path unless they pay for it. Sex workers must see this? So yeah, teach your son kindness, but surely you must know that "kindness" and "compassion" doesn't get women and those are two traits of the clients you saw (whom you would never be with)

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  • To get a well paying job, so he can afford prostitutes :P


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  • You're mad at your mother for this?

    • I wish my mom was a sex worker. Instead she is a prude. Bashed down by religion. I feel so sorry for her I get infuriated with everything.

      So no, I'm not mad at her;) but if this was a dig at me, why not answer the question? I would love a woman's opinion

    • I doubt she'd have any profound advice.

  • The best advice anyone can give you is to wait until you are ready and use condoms

    • Lol condoms are non-negotiable. But the wait till you ready advice is dangerous. Women have the privelage of waiting till they ready because the receive the requests from guys. Men have to initiate or they may not get anything. So to initiate means a conscious plan to actually go get it.

  • I think she would also teach her son respect towards women, considering that a lote sex workers have to deal with unrespectful men who see them not as a person, but as a tool.

    • Most men who get prozzies are those overly nice guys who don't attract women and wouldn't hurt a fly. They respect her. Another common user is the powerful man who worked instead of gaining the skills to attract women, and so have the money to pay for an escort, but not get a girl. The irony is that a sex worker would know that they are using her because they lack what it takes to get a girl and so would teach their sons how to avoid that.

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    • Sometimes. But if you look at the former sex workers reply here, you will see the majority are nice guys/average joes.

    • True, interesting insight :)

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  • I think your analysis is spot on. She would give him realistic advice and that would increase his chances of successs.