How do I not care about the women who I care about?

I have better luck with the females I don't give a fuck about. Yes I know why this is and all.

If you like a female you care about her and want to have good times but if you show her you do then she's not as into you because you're not a challenge anymore.

So what's the point? Where's the fun in that? Example. If I like a girl I want to text her and hang out with her. If I do that too much she will not be as attracted to me.

I am going to be a challenge in the future but does anyone see the irony in this like me?

Usually females are all into me and then after a few months it fizzles. Isn't the point of relationships to enjoy each other?


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  • eh, pressure is more when you do care... the trick is not to care at all... at first.

    • Any tips on how to do this when you actually care?

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    • Cool, that will help. Don't start caring about them in the first place too soon. I'll keep a look out for that

    • it has helped me a lot more than i can state...

  • So just do what you said you'll do here in the future. Problem solved.

    • I am going to. I have to. But I'm just curious if other people think doesn't that seem the opposite and feel the same way? We are supposed to act like we don't like the people we like...

    • I've never had this problem. I'm just forthright with my feelings and get approval or denial upfront. I'm not into the dating game.