Should I stop talking to someone because they're boring?

so I've been talking with this guy for acouple weeks, he goes to my school but I never hung out with him. He added on Facebook and we just chatted frome there. The thing is he's such a boring texter, like the one word response testers. He would text me and I wouldn't respond because I had nothing to say back then he'll text me back with the same boring stuff like "wyd", "hey", "ok." Like if your not interested why keep texting me. I asked if he wanted to chat on the phone, cause I know some people are better communicators in person and on the phone. He declined... I just told him straight up that he was boring. Should I feel bad?


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  • Um yeah, don't straight up tell them that they are boring... That just rude and mean.

    Stop talking to him. You don't have to force yourself to do something you don't want to do.

  • I once ghosted a girlfriend because was such a bore. I met her again 50 years later. She was an old boring widow then...


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