I fell really hard for a guy and even if we are very similar I feel I m out of his league. How do I handle it?


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  • if you guys are together you should not feel like that you should feel equal thats what relationships are. you should talk to the guy and see what he thinks.

    • He is my ex boyfriend and I simply can t get over him as hard as I try.

      We lost touch and we did not speak for 2 years until last Friday. Things did not work out because when he entered college he was very concerned with his studies, his internships, etc. besides we were living in two different countries.

      I dropped 20kg meanwhile and he told me I was perfect and not even before. He told me tht I m a very unique girl and that I m beautiful and very smart and I deserve to have an equal by my side. He said he is crazy about me whether it is about my beauty or charming personality I got hold on him. He said all of tht even if he has a girlfriend since a long time. Though I did not know. I apologised and said I was sorry to have been so openhearted. He said it s ok and he is glad I did not know because I looked for him again.

      I keep imagining his girlfriend and she must be a model. He looks like a model and is very successful in his job for his age. i have a similar background as him (status+$+studies

    • well you should try to meet other guys like him but that do not look like him. i think if you cand a guy who has the same feelings as he did you might get your mind off him and think about the new guy you are with.

    • I Don't love him any longer but I still have feelings for him. I never felt the same way about anybody else.

      I fell in love with a guy and we went separate ways some time ago. It was really serious and sincere but because of the way things ended with the guy before I feel unfinished. I wonder if now tht we are no longer children (just like he said) there is hope for us.
      I don t mean to get between him and his girlfriend. I told him tht I totally respect it and tht I understand he has feelings for her. I just want to chat every now and then to know about him and if one day he ll be single and he ll realise that there still is sth between us we might give it a try. I think because of the way he talked and because he said he wants us to talk again that there might be sth left unfinished on his side too.

      In the meantime I will live my life just like both of us did up to now. I will try to not set my expectations high and I know tht it maybe will never break up. I don t want to come in between.



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  • Why do you feel like you're out of his league?

    • Our past is complicated. basically it depends on the fact he is the most handsome guy I ever saw (and I actually don t care about looks because in the beginning I rejected him when he told me I was the most beautiful girl he ever saw), he comes from a very wealthy family (dad businessman, mom doctor), he speaks 3 languages, plays piano and practice 4 different kind of sports (his body is just wow), he enjoys going out but also reading, he is incredibly smart and the list goes on. As far as it concerns me: I come from a wealthy family too (my dad is a chef surgeon), I am as ambitious as him (we both are into business just he studied negotiating and I m doing fashion marketing), I speak 4 languages, people think I m beautiful and lady like. we have similar tastes He plays piano I sing, we both love reading, etc. Living far and benign very young at the time made us break up. He has a girlfriend now and she must be awesome and incredibly good looking. He admits still having a soft spot 4 me.

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    • I sincerely do not want to come between them. I did not know he had a girlfriend because we did not speak for 2 years. From the way he replied to me I could not guess it either. He said he thought I knew I replied tht if I had known I would have let it be and he said that then he is really glad I did not because otherwise I would have not texted him.
      I will live my life just like it has always been. I don t know exactly what will happen next because he definitely was flirting and admitted to still have a soft spot for me but I already told him that i don t mean to disrespect anybody and that I understand he has a girlfriend. I don t know what their relationship is like, but I guess it does not matter much because it exists. I just hate feeling in love purgatory. I fell in love after him and it was sincere but it s not the same.

    • Yeah unfortunate timing
      You should focus on yourself and maybe be open to meeting new people. One of them might capture your attention instead. Good luck

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