Is it because he is shy Or isn't emotionally available?

We went On a couple of dates And talked for months But he somehow got distant yet still looks at My social media. He is shy, said the first day he saw me he ONLY approached me because he was buzzed. Always tells me to tell him when I want to go out But I told him I would like if he does some of the asking too. His ex of 2 years cheated on him. He said he thinks he is not ready to Jump into relationship in the beginning of our outings.

I thought I could somehow get him to open up Or change his mind, he replies quick if I text But does not reach out anymore, is he too shy, emotionally not ready, not interested?

Last time I asked him out And he picked me up in 20min, he confused me & now I don't know if he wants me to leave him alone Or keep reaching out

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  • If he was shy or uninterested he wouldn't be responding or going to public places with you.

    • So what is the best thing to do here?

    • decide how much effort is he worth for yourself, and then see where it goes

    • He is a great catch so I'm trying to hang in there but be cautious because I don't want to get hopes up either...

  • Sounds like he is either still deciding if he can trust you or he might be uncertain about his sexuality.

    • Sexuality? How so?

    • It's highly unlikely but I have heard of women changing "teams" because they had a few bad relationships with men. So depending on his relationship history with woman I can't see why it's not possible. But I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, the only thing I can say for sure is he definitely doesn't want you to leave him alone. I think it would be better if you try and ask him directly. It may help to tell him you are willing to wait but you need to know if you stand a chance with him. Good luck.

    • Makes sense! Thank you, to be honest he is a great catch, I'm going to wait and take my chances. Thanks for commenting

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