If she invites a guy to her sister's wedding, how likely is it they are close to dating?

There is a girl I've had a MAJOR crush on for a while. And she has shown shown strong signs of flirting very recently (like last week recently). I've been planning on asking her out, but now I'm not sure if she is single.

At this time last month, she was single. About 2 weeks ago, she posted a pic with another guy at a school party (everyone had a date at this even, so its not like this was any commitment by going). Today, she posted a pic from her sister's wedding with this guy.

So, how likely is it that they are dating? I have not seen any pics of them together besides these two events (and she posts a ton of pics).

Answers anyone?


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  • No, not necessarily, they might just be good friends and go with each other to events when they don't have dates. There's no harm in asking her and finding out.


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  • I would it's probable that it was a date, but they might not be serious or might just be friends,

    If you ask her out then you can find out.

  • Just ask her out dude.