Have you ever felt like you tired everything, and it all goes unnoticed?

Ok so I've been with this guy and we've had our share of up's and down's. For starters the number one thing is his excuses. I feel like lately he's been giving me a lot of excuses whenever I want to go out or hang out with him. For instance two weeks ago I asked him to go to this winery with me, he agreed and the day of he bailed and told me that it was sort noticed and how he's sorry and can we go another day.

Then, a couple of days ago I asked him to go to this new lounge that opened up and he told me he'll see. I got frustrated and expressed that I feel like he's dragging me along now or it seems like he don't want to be seen with me because every time there's some excuse. He tells me that's not the case. I forgot to mention he doesn't have a car... so normally we use uber because I don't drive ( which I need to hurry and get my license) but what hurt was he told me that he be wanting to hang out but him not driving it's just too much. I feel like if you really care about someone and love them the way he says he does then you make a way to compromise. Am I bugging? Or not? I get he doesn't have a car but he never comes up with a solution or alternative and that's what fustrates me

I feel like he's so busy with his life and trying to get things in order that he doesn't even recognize me anymore. He tells me things like its nothing towards you but honestly I feel neglected and unappreciated and I've been there for him when he was at his lowest and it's like damn show me you care show me effort


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  • This may sound terrible, but on some of it, you really can't blame him. Wineries and lounges do not sound like places some men want to go. It's not because he doesn't want to be seen with you, it's because those places sound like uninteresting places. Could it be that he doesn't care? Possibly. Could it be that he is taking advantage of you? Also, quite possible. I have no idea, but I feel that it's the place not the person. Maybe he just doesn't like the places you like to visit.


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  • Yeah that's pretty frustrating. I went through something similar. I asked him why he was like this and he told me he was more interested in another girl. Maybe you're in the same position and not his first choice.

    • I asked was he interested in someone else he told me no, I asked again and he got really frustrated and said no. He told me he's just trying to get things back on track with his life. I mean I don't want to be naive but if that's the case I would hope he'll be real enough to tell me

    • Based on how he responded to you asking him if he's interested in anyone I'm thinking he had the feeling you wanted him to say you but he didn't. He probably doesn't want to lead you and and since he's already told you he's trying to get his life together I think it's best you step back and leave him alone for now. Maybe in the future he might be ready and then it's up to you if you still want him. In my opinion, your efforts are better spent elsewhere.