Why is ex boyfriend being so friendly?

Background info: Me and my ex boyfriend have the same group of friends. He broke up with me 3 months ago because he needs to "find himself".

For a month or two after he dumped me he has been distant. I continued hanging out with our friends while he stopped hanging out with us. Just this month tho, he's been hanging out with me and our friends again acting like nothing happened. When we hangout sometimes he's awkward and he gets nervous and would ignore me. Sometimes he's very friendly like he would offer me food, invite me to his birthday, push me with my workouts whenever me and our friends are working out in the gym and sometimes he would give me complements. Lately, he has also started talking to my sister who he has been ignoring after he dumped me.

I know he dated another girl right after he dumped me coz one of his buddies told me and they are still dating. I dont know why he's being nice and friendly to me. I'm still hurting from the breakup and trying to move on with my life but its hard to do if keep bumping into him.

Any reason why he's all of a sudden being nice to me? does he want me back? does he want to be friends? is he being nice out of guilt?


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  • I agree with pr3ttybr0wn you should move on. He doesn't sound like a good guy due to the fact that he left you to check on other girls.


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  • He left you for another woman/women and but quickly realized that the grass wasn't greener on the other side. he's not having much success like he thought he would be, so now he is trying to slide his way back in. continue trying to move on, but amuse yourself at his attempts at getting your attention.

  • I think he is just likes you but does not "like you". He wants you to be happy and he knows that is not him. This is a good thing unless you see it as a bad thing. He wants you to be happy regardless of him.

    None of this is bad. What am I missing?