My ex girlfriend messaged me on Facebook after a year to ask me how I was. Why did she do this?

A year ago I went on a date with my ex girlfriend after being broken up with her for four years. From the moment that I met up with her she wasn't in a good mood and then she said that she had to leave to meet up with a family member.

I haven't been in contact with her at all during this time and last week she messaged me on Facebook. She told me that she wanted to ask how I was and I told her that I was excellent. I asked her how she was in return and she told me that she was good and that she had obtained a new job. I told her that her new job sounded interesting (which it did) and then she didn't continue the conversation.

What was the point of her messaging me just to ask me how I was? It seems pointless.

Have I implied something to her by replying to her message which she was curious about or something?


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  • Women message an ex when they are either bored or lacking self-esteem. The one exception is if she never stopped talking to you and she was always in love with you, but this doesn't sound like the case, so she just wants a reaction and maybe an ego-boost.

  • Maybe she just thought of you, heard something about you or just came across something you've posted on Facebook and just thought "hey haven't spoken to him in awhile." Some girls also like to do little things like that to get there ex thinking of them, like hey I still exist here. But who really knows... I wouldn't think to much into it though if she isn't still continuing a conversation with you.


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