How to know a girl is flirting, also how to attract them (black girl)?

Okay so here's the thing. There is this gorgeous black girl in my class and we've been classmates for maybe 6 months or so. I really like her and want to be with her, but the thing is I'm getting really shy around her and usually i am not like that. Doing martial arts and going to the gym looking fit, so i never really had problem with being shy, but the moment i see her i just get all red and SHY... Oh yes by the way i am white guy finishing the teenage years :(. Anyway the thing is that i think with black girls i should act differently or I don't know why but i just find them really attractive and where i come from we are mostly white so you can't really see black people there, but since we moved in uk, well... i did notice some changes. I feel like she won't accept me or more like being interested. I treat her with respect and being polite since she seems like a really nice girl, but then i see her in the hallway how black guys are flirting with her by slapping her bum or basically going all into her. I just can't be like that my parents taught me to treat girls with respect so i find it a bit hard. I do want to be with her, but the way they are flirting i just can't, it seems inappropriate for me... I really need some advices, especially from black girls to what to do next and how to attract her.


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  • You don't have to change anything because that's who YOU are. Just talk to her, it's really easy. I know you're shy but you'll never know if you don't try. Tell her that you think she is beautiful or just start a casual conversation with her & take it from there. Don't change your morals just because other guys do it, she probably doesn't like it anyway. In high school we tend to act like we are into things that we're not because it's "cool". Don't let anything stop you & remember that you are wonderful. Just go for it, tell her you like her or tell compliment something about her. Anything to get the ball rolling

    • But the thing is that she never stays alone, there's always someone with her... anyway i will figure it out, really trying to work on my shyness around her tho. Sometimes i just freeze don't know what to say. So confused when this happened...

    • Just go up to her, even if she's not alone, & ask her if you could talk to her for a moment. You can also gradually build up to it. Say hi to her everyday, smile at her, compliment her when you notice something new. There's no reason to be shy. Look in the mirror & love yourself & know that any girl would be lucky to have you.

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  • You're making a big mistake.