Is it okay to friend a girl in Facebook that I had a college class with over 1 year ago?

We didn't talk but she was a smart and cool girl when the professor called on her and she spoke, plus I think she used to stare at me in class but it was over a year ago and I thought maybe it wouldn't hurt, I mean many people meet each other from the nightclub or grocery store or from the street but this is a girl that I had in one of my college classes, it's not totally random-same college, so is it weird... then again maybe it is weird and weird to ask for a random girls number from a supermarket or other place as well or friend this girl on Facebook lol opinions.

  • Don't do it, it's pointless
  • Do it
  • Other opinion-explain.
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  • Do it! Don't see any harm in it

    • You wouldn't be weirded out with a guy that you never talked to who was in your college class over a year ago friending you on Facebook even if you might have been starting at him, it was still over a year ago, you sure lol? Am I overthinking this, I'm trying to come at this with a logical perspective you know.

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    • Thanks for your help :) MHO for you.

    • Not a problem! Glad I could help and best of luck

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  • Sure, go for it.

    • Would you be weirded out by that?

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    • Oh k lol I think I'm overthinking this, and trying to come up with a logical explanation but I guess certain things you can't overthink like that, thanks 😄, I'll send her a request.

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