What is a first kiss like?

What is a first kiss like? My boyfriend is telling me that he wants to kiss me, but I don't know how to kiss or what it's like. I mean my boyfriend has had many girlfriends and says he rarely kisses girl though. I don't know what it's like. Is it like a book or movie feeling? Or something completely different?


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  • It was wet and sloppy but fun to do. Don't over think kissing just go with the flow and have fun with it. Practice makes perfect.

    • It just makes me nervous cause he's done it before.

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    • Lol I don't know if I should plan that sort of thing lol I might not lol

    • Lol well I hope you eventually kiss your boyfriend. It will be fun and if you want some good video tips youtube have a lot of great videos on how to kiss. lol hahaha. I think once you do it a couple times it will be easy.😆

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  • It was pretty awkward at first and unplanned but over time it's just better and not awkward at all, as me and my boyfriend say "practise makes perfect".