I like him and I think he likes me but he has a girlfriend?

So, I like this guy and im pretty sure he likes me, he sends me hearts, kissy faces, and the emoji with the heart eyes all the time when we text. He told me one day that j make him feel a way his girlfriend never has and that he smiles when my name pops up on his phone screen and he calls me beautiful and gives me compliments all the time nut he's been with his girlfriend for around 7 months... Is hd just playing me or trying to test the water to see if we will work out before he breaks up with his gf? I know its awful for me to flirt with a guy who has a girlfriend but I don't know... What should I do?

I broke connections with him until he figures out what he wants..


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  • Wait until he actually breaks up with his girlfriend. Guys in relationships still can have feelings for others, but that doesn't mean either party should act on it.

    • So, should I stop flirting with him and stuff?

    • Yeah, that would be the wise course of action to take. You can still be friends though...

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  • Honey, be careful here. I've been there, I know how it feels, except that my guy never told me directly that he liked me and he didn't break up with his girlfriend. It's slightly different, but the concept is the same. If he really, really feels this way about you, than he should stop being a jerk to his girlfriend and break up with her already. Imagine how you would feel in her situation. Give him a few clear signs that you like him and see what happens. If he ends up breaking up with his girlfriend soon after, then that's great, go for it. But if he doesn't, please do yourself a favour and cut all ties with him. He could just be trying to hook-up with you while being with his girfriend, which is horrible. Hoping and waiting for someone like that hurts immensely and can take you even years to get over it. Good luck! :)

    • Should I like tell him how I feel then give him like an ultimatum? I feel like that's kinda harsh but I'm a dumb little kid I don't know what to do...

    • Don't worry, you got this :) We live, we learn. You should probably ask him if he feels that what he's saying to you is fair to his girlfriend. Let him know that you like him, but that you think it wouldn't work out, cause if he's doing this to his girlfriend, he could easily do that to you eventually. Something along those lines.

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  • Stop talking to him until he gets his mind set. Yes it's awful of you, and yes it's awful of him as well. Maybe he just likes the attention from you. If he's with this girl and has been for 7 months, how do you know he's gonna leave her for you? He might just be stringing you along because it's nice to feel wanted even when you're already with someone. Don't start this type of drama.

  • What do you do? You break off contact. He's taken. He shouldn't be happily stringing you both along.