Should I be mad or flattered?

This guy from 5 years ago I dated casually popped into my life the day after my ex of three years and I broke up. We started hanging out, and he told me how he wanted to date me, how he's more attracted to me than any other girl and how he thought about me all the time. We dated for like 6 weeks, and then he started to get distant. I was getting clingy and seemed confused and insecure because it was so soon after my breakup.

I told him I needed to be single awhile and take a break from guys- but I wanted one last fling. He turned it down, and said he wanted to date me in the future. That was 3 months ago- now he's poking me on fb, called me/texted me once when he was drunk and left a message. I returned the call and never heard back. I text him back and he'll respond once, but not keep the convo going. Ran into my ex of 3 years, who told me this guy came up to him and introduced himself out of nowhere.

He texted me on my birthday~ but then didnt' respond when I said thanks. I'm confused, we really got along and I dont' know why he doesn't act like he wants to be friends. Or why he contacts me every so often "just to stay in touch"-

Not sure whether ot be mad at being played or be flattered that he likes me and is waiting for the opportune moment

Pleasseee answer... he's been emailing things like "miss you" etc for the last five years randomly... I'm not sure what to think


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  • seems like he doesn't know what he wants. Listen , I think you just forget about him and detox yourxself from guys for a few month. Then you can start new. Don't be linked with him . If a man is serious about a girl . He will do ANYTHING to get her. So I do think you should consider him to be MAXIMUM a friend and just that .


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