Is it normal for a girl your dating to start talking about marriage or kids? Do girls do that? Is it a test?

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  • Of course it's normal.. Isn't the end goal of a relationship for most people just that? I'm gonna need a little more context to really understand why she was asking, but the discussion about kids and marriage will always happen between two people because you need to see if your future plans are aligned.

    • We were just eating ice cream and she saw some kids playing and the parents with them and I guess it started her thinking about the topic of kids and getting married, it freaked me out a little because like I told the other girl I'm 19 but yea. When did you start asking your boyfriend about kids a couple months into the relationship or close to a year?

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    • Your welcome :) and i calmed down, your answer helped ease my mind.

    • I'm glad! Feel free to reach out if you ever have any more questions

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  • Well... how long have you been dating for and how exactly is she talking about these subjects?
    If I've been dating a guy for a while, I'd want to know what his views are on marriage/kids and all that eventually. Just to see if we have the same views or not, since that might determine what our future will look like (or not look like).
    If you've literally gone on only one date and she's already talking about what your wedding will be like and what names your kids will have, she's probably a bit crazy. And not in a very romantic way.

    • We've been together for awhile already but it's just freaking me out a little cause I'm 19, when did you start picking your boyfriends brain about stuff like this? A couple months or close to a year after dating?

    • Oh I don't have a boyfriend, it's just something I could see myself doing after the 3-4 month mark maybe. I wouldn't pick his brain either, I'd just ask him what he thinks in a neutral way. Just because she's asking you stuff about marriage and kids, it doesn't mean she wants to get on it straight away. No need to panic.

  • Why wouldn't she talk about those things? She wants to know if you're a long term compatible partner with similar relationship goals.

  • Some girl do. I think it's pointless!


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