Girls, Why does this girl always stare and say hi?

Ok this girl on the tram on the way home from work at first we kept looking at each other and stuff and then everytime is walk from a distance towards the stop she would stare from a distance. And if I grab my water bottle she stares if I zip my bag she stares. So I didn't catch it for a while due to being off work and I seen her again and sat opposite her she avoided eye contact but looked at everyone else. And then another time I was looking at her as she looked really nice and she kept looking back but then staring at the floor. Holding her bag to her chest. So didn't see her for 4 months due to a motorbike accident and then seen her again and now everytime I see her on the tram she ALWAYS smiles and says hello but still kind of in a shy way like if I look at her in the eye she seems to go red? But still smiles and says hi. But anyway what I'm asking is. Is she trying to break the ice and get talking? As there's around 100 different people on it and she doesn't say hi to them what's going on


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  • I would say yes. She definitely is giving you different attention than others. Start up an easy conversation. Ask her about her work maybe. She might not want to got on a date or for a drink right away (as it seems she is more shy). At the very least she probably thinks your cute or interesting.

    • Ino just weird as before she didn't do this but after not seeing me for 3 months she says hi everytime. It feels asif she maybe thought I was going to ask her out or maybe wanted me to but seeing as I didn't and didn't see he for 3 months she's clearly making moves herself but I must admit I didn't ask her out becoz I had a girlfriend and I was also shy. So next time i see her in going to strike s conversation up

  • She likes you but is very shy, maybe try to make conversation?

    • How come she can say hi then lol she goes red but that's beyond my point just most girls woukd just crawl into a ball and give up lol