Guys acting selfish or weird about sexual things?

I've noticed a few things about guys I've gotten with- many of them dont have an interest in pleasing me or making me c*m esp orally. Many of them seem to have this 'tit for tat' there where they're more interested in using me- like not making me c*m or screwing me over. Also i'm a very beautiful and sexually desirable female- you'd think naturally these guys would want to go down on me, some are even licking their lips, but then they start playing games. Recently, one guy i met was a narcissist and kept taking from me and wouldn't go down on me- he did for one second, then stopped. He claims to 'eat girls out' but won't eat one of the hottest girls out?

Another guy, i asked him to give oral, and i knew him from before. He basically was thrilled and saying he's looking forward to it etc.. he wrote long paragraphs about it. He's kind of a creep but I just wanted someone to do this for reasons. Then, he suddenly texted me saying he was ready to come but had an emergency. an emergency 'move' to help a friend. sounded like so much BS. other guys too, talk about how much they want to do it and some cancel or just act weird sometimes. And no its not me or about me, but why are guys acting so weird about going down on a very sexy and hot female. Don't get me wrong I've had guys say they'd love to do that- but on a first date and i didn't feel comfortable or timing was bad, but it seems like guys act weird with me or in general. Many too are just selfish and want to get what they want. What is going on with these guys. Why are they chickening out on giving a hot woman oral sex... even after saying they'd love to do it..

the last guy who wouldn't give it to me said "i knew it! I knew that b/c you're beautiful you feel you're entitled to oral sex".. im thinking huh? he never gave it to me and just kept asking me to suck his d*.. i refused and he said ok we're at a standstill. He said he "eats girls out" then shut his mouth.. and he'll eat fat/ugly hideously ugly women out but not a gorgeous female... i find it out there


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  • if it was a hot girl? there either BI and find guy more interesting pr there gay pretending to be straight in front of the other guys. but im being senical here because i have never heard of guys refusing to give oral to a hot girl. its unheard of, by me anyway.

    • I've had lots of guys do it--they seem to be sociopaths deep down and want to sexually frustrate a female. My last 'guy' i was talking to said "i knew it! I knew that b/c you're beautiful u thought you're entitled to oral sex." and that was why he didn't give it to me... no seriously this is how most of these weirdos are... not sure what is going on

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    • well theyre not in a social circle- but they are just out there

    • oh ok then , it is odd but i guess some people are just inconsiderate or just one sided on what should be done.

  • We just want to humilate women by cumming in their faces or its. A loving man want to cum inside.

    • really.. so most men want to do that? or most jerks?

    • All men have a jerk, all women have a slut inside them)
      I heard similar words my friends. They said it fills their manly ego and willing to violence.

  • Lmao I never really think about making chicks cum neither OP so it's normal lol

    • u thnk so? really...

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    • you're the kind of guy im talking about... why do u think that way

    • Because I am more interested in satisfying myself like a normal human being? Lol

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