Do guys regret when they mess up a relationship with a girl?

My ex stole from me hence me breaking up with him. Question, do guys ever regret mistreatng the girl that was always good to him? I really cared for him so this sucks =(


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  • I think guys tend to regret messing up a good relationship yet it seems the guy you were with may not be in the healthiest mind set.

    • True. He is mentally unstable in my opinion. Not bad but unstable. I work wit him so he pursued me for awhile thats y it was hard to not ignore him

    • Yeah most of these guys and gals like that are not bad people, they just have troubles that they need to get a handle on. I'm glad you're understanding, even if what he did was a deal breaker as it would be for me. Character is very important for me, I get that thoughts lead to actions and actions to character, so I try to evaluate these going in.

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  • Depends on if he cared about you the same way you cared about him. If there was some real feelings there then I think he would regret it at least a little bit. That's awful though, sorry for your experience.

    • Thanks i know it hurt me. Its like my "real feelings" come out and say 'man he's hurting he knows he messed up this time..' but then another voice is like 'b*tch wake up he obviously didn't care' lol but yea i thought it was real but guess it doesn't matter now

  • What did he steal?

    • Money and gold necklace. Initially my necklace came up missing a few weeks ago but then one night he came over and i noticed some money missing from my drawer when he was gone so i put 2 and 2 together. He's financially unstable but still doesn't excuse this behavior when he could have asked for help. So i called and broke up and blocked him from everywhere.

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    • Ahh I'm sorry girl that sucks. It sounds like you're much better off without him though! He isn't worth your time.

    • Im definitely worse with him lol thanks ! =)