Why does he care so much?

My guy "best friend" (whom I talked to for a while) was supposed to go watch me perform. He ended up falling asleep and I got really upset because he let me down. He's been really trying to make things better, sends me long texts explaining how sorry he is at 4 am. He's talking to another girl, and we're just "best friends" so why does he care so much? Why is he so worried about making it up to me and showing me how sorry he is? I ended up telling him that I had fallen for him again & he said "well I'm glad I know where you stand"... Does he just care because he feels guilty? Or because he feels something more?


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  • it could be either but it sounds bit vague i would play it by ear and see what else he might do.


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  • He already apologized to you. I think you should forgive him.
    As for you falling for him, I don't think he is interested in you because he never told you that he likes you back.