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talk to this girl a lot, and try and do whatever I can for her. Recently she got pretty flirty, started sending me hearts, sitting next to me etc. However, there are also times she ignores me and is cold (like ignores me completely, text msgs etc). She's a shy girl, but I don't know. After talking to her, joking with her, she puts on social media saying she wants a guy who's there for her always yada yada, and any girls want to share their secrets yada yada. Then, she posts right below it, something that I say all the time, and I always say to her. Its basically my motto, so I found it coincidental. Is that a hint? or is she just coincidental, not interested in me and looking for another guy?


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  • Well first you need to be able to handle the "mood swing" things you are describing. If you can handle that then look for clues she might like you. For example the most obvious: blushing. If you get close to he and she blushes (but not in the grossed out way) that is a good sign. Also, see if she tries to start, or prolong conversations with you. The posts you are describing don't seem very coincidental. I think she is in to you. You might as well take a chance. If she is the kind of person to make things weird or to insult you after you ask her out (if she says no) then you shouldn't date her. (I know that sounds cheesy and is hard to accept but it's true)
    I hope this helps! :)

  • She wants yah


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