Guys, Did I Miss My Chance With Him (Please Read Further)?

Hey there, guys!

So, last Thursday, I was casually sitting on a bench outside of my work, when this guy randomly came up to me and said, "Hi. I just recently moved into the area and I walked by a couple of times and I wanted to say you are gorgeous. Are you single?"

Honestly, I was really surprised and could barely think of a response, since very few guys are this straightforward and honest. And, when he asked me out, all that I could think to say was I'll have to get back to you'. I didn't mean it as a blow off. I was just surprised.

He disappeared before I could give him phone number or he could give me his. Now, I can't stop thinking about it. And, I really want to see him again and tell him that I'd love to go out with him. But, I don't know his name or exactly where he lives, in town. I think he may be a few years younger than me, but that doesn't matter to me. (I'm 24.)

Have I missed my chance with a really great guy? Or, would he still be interested if I saw him again? Please let me know what you think! Thank you, guys! 💜


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  • lol i straight up did that ONCE. fucking took all my balls.

    i introduced myself and asked her if she was single, i assumed she would hesitate and SHE DID, so then I said, I'll take that as a yes, i was being sly as fuck, and she sorta blushed. EASIEST but HARDEST number I have ever gotten. it didn't go anywhere by the way lol.

    anyways, he said he was new to the area, keep an eye out for him. if you do see him again, TALK TO HIM GIRL! you only live once, fucking fill it with experiences that you want.

    • I hope I do see him again. I would love to meet a great guy, for once. I hope that he knows I wasn't blowing him off or saying no. I wasn't. I was just surprised. In fact, I found him more attractive for being so honest. 💜

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    • yeah np, i wish you luck :)

    • Thanks! I may need it, to find him!

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  • Chances are, you probably did. But if it's a small town-ish location and you see him again within the next month or so, you might still have a shot.

    • It's a very small town. Two streets of shopping areas and restaurants and the local schools are five minutes away from thr main area. So, I hope that he will paas by again. :)

    • *pass by again

  • How many times are you going to ask this?

    • I asked it at two this morning, and bo one answered. Usually when that happens, no one is going to, therfore many users and a few moderators advise that the question is not successful. You are the only one who answered. I figured I would try it again to get a better response in this time sensitive issue... 😒

  • You still have a chance but if you miss that one again, then forget him.