What should I do? Leave it be, or try my luck?

So, i was very fond of this girl i met during my courses last semester, but I never really became very close to her due to my social anxiety. We would have conversations before, during, or after class. The last course i had with her, she sat next to me since she didn't know anyone else. She is very kind and sweet, but i dont know if I should even bother asking her out to lunch or dinner. She is very extroverted where as i am extremely introverted. I'm fairly positive, I'm going to have another class with her this summer semester, and she and i share common interests. I'm just kinda worried she will be dumbfounded if i do ask her to lunch or for her number. I noticed that she would look at me during 2 different courses in 2 different semesters, but i dont know if it was due to my hair being in my face or because I looked odd, or she was actually interested. She was always kind and nice to me, but as I have seen, she is kind and talkative to everyone. Either way what do you think? Should i go for it, or just not? by the way, she is a published author with 2 books. Whereas I'm just a nobody with no real talent, just higher than average intelligence. I also have no relationship experience, no job.


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  • She's a friendly person, and just because she looks at you, doesn't mean she's "interested", she's just looking at you because you two know each other. Nothing indicates she likes you more than a friend.

    • Kinda figured that was the case. Oh well... Although I doubt she even considered me a friend since we talked maybe once or twice a week.

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