What you had anxiety while Deaf man dating you?

what you had anxiety while Deaf man dating you?

Girls 17 - 25 yr old: So you Wouldn't be cool to be able to feel with Deaf man?


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  • I'd really like it. I think people avoid a lot by talk ok g. When you communicate with your body it's more me wishful in my opinion. No I would not feel anxiety. I'd find it easier than verbally talking. :-)

    • -Example; was avoid someone you didn't like him... deadline until waste of time in years... he is not longer a opportunity back you... so maybe... missed opportunity.

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  • I am currently learning American Sign Language.
    Whether or not I'd date a Deaf man? Who knows, anything is possible.

  • No, because I learned sign language and class and I have social anxiety so I don't like talking much

    • It's not interesting talking, Should make foreplay always...

    • Are you deaf?

    • Are you hearing?

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