Have you ever been paid to go on a date with someone?

Who paid you? How much? How'd it go? How did you feel about it?

Just curious.


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  • no never. but I wouldn't do go on that date for 2 reasons

    1) Why would I want to spend time with someone so horrible that I have to be paid to do so?

    2) It's not fair to that person

    • I kno I agree I just wanted to see if anyone had, I'm guessing most people aweren't proud of it lol

  • Wow, I thought this was just a plot for movies. I hope there are no takers. I personally cannot imagine someone doing something like this because 1) who would actually fork out money to do something like this and 2) who would actually take the money and still live with themselves?

    • Hmm I'm starting to think maybe NOBODY has done this, which really isn't a bad thing, maybe humanity isn't as messed up as I thought.

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