Very early in a relationship tragedy strikes the guy what is the best way to handle it?

wework together. We have only worked together for 3 weeks maybe 4. We talk at work as much as we can. One day he asked how long I have been married. I tell him it is on the other hand I wear it tore mind myself how easy it is to make a mistake. He laughs saying he never heard anyone say that. Then a few hours later he says You know what your mistake was right? I was like WHAT cause I forgot and he said You didn't marry me! Then one day he says he tried to find me where I go dancing. He works two jobs. I thought that is a big deal cause he doesn't have a lot of time. I confessed I stopped by the nursery where he works on the side. I said I didn't see him. Then I snuck him my phone number. We work at a paperless phone-less facility. Anyways he told me to sit with him while he had lunch I said no you just enjoy it. Then he went where I was filling my water with ice and he gave me this amazing hug and kept holding me. And for a few days at work we would cuddle. Like roll our chairs back to back to touch and he would have his head on my shoulder. Then his grandpa that raised him died. And he reached out to me I picked him up we shot pool and had beers and kissed and cuddled. He wanted to come over and play video games with my son. But I told him I had to take him to dinner with my mom before she and her husband leave for Europe to say goodbye and to take my son to a concert. I figured he drank a lot and not the time to introduce him. He called that night and texted Happy Mother's Day and a few other messages but s few days seem to pass like 2-3. This sort of thing happened before when a relationship was barely starting and I smothered the guy wanting to be there for him. So I tell him I am there for him. And I am nervous if this changed us. I want to see him and feel if the energy is still there. I try to not think about the rush he gave me in case it is gone.


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  • Just be there for support. If a relationship develops what's the harm?


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  • You have way over-analyzed everything. Just stop and give yourself a moment. As things are now, do you want to have a relationship with him or not? Are you fine just hooking-up or not? Have you asked him what he wants? Answer these things and then stop overthinking what has already happened.

    • Nothing happened really just cuddling kissing and soaking each other up. That is why it seems awkward labeling it. I think he hangs out with another girl. But I can't expect him to just hang with me I have others interested in me that are also interesting to me. I was not wanting to jump into anything cause I liked having options with friends I just flirt with sort of. Then the warm fuzzies happened. He hugged me and held me so tight like magic everywhere. And it was like he was cooling himself down all day telling me he could still feel it. But I feel like another girl who is younger looks at him and I feel the attention he gives me makes her sad and I need to know more. I can't expect commitment we at not sleeping together. I didn't even expect to kiss him like we did. I dont know if he changed or if he is also spending time with her or if he is going through stuff we chat but barely. Stresses me out he flies in tonight.

    • So again, tell him how you feel or don't.

    • When we get better communication once he is back.

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  • Excuse me y says on your profile that you are engaged? And you are whoring around with this guy? Wft is wrong with you white women? You are so lose charactered!!

    • I am not in any relationship I just had that there for other reasons

    • Oh then it's all cool & sorry for that

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