Why did he keep asking for a massage?

So last night I ended up at my dates house. It was a really nice evening, although we were both extremely tired. I thought he might try and make a move and he didn't.

There was a point in time where he asked me for a massage, I said i wouldn't be any good and he said I could give it a go, but I declined. Then a bit later on he asked if he could give me a massage and I could return the favour. Again I reclined the offer. I have never given one and I can imagine me being terrible at it and embarrassing myself.
What's the big deal with massages?



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  • Lmao he made the move. The massage thing, that was it.

    • Oh do you think he wanted something more physical to happen?

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    • Thanks for the mho :)

    • Thanks for the advice! 😊

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  • Massages are intimate and he was trying to be a bit more intimate with you. Sometimes massages can be very sexually arousing.

    • Hmmm I see. I've never had a massage before. The part about taking off clothes slipped my mind Aswell, so this makes it sound more sexual than I originally thought lol.

    • A LOT more sexual.. lol

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  • Massages feel amazing? Massages get the b
    Old flowing, makes you feel relaxed. Maybe lossens up for making the move?

    • I did seem very uptight I must say

  • he made the move by offering massaging and telling you to massage him


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