Girls, Wouldn't this be a suffering for you as well?

Like some of you girls say that you aren't shallow and that yiu can overlook or accept or make a guy shave and all would be good if a guy is overly hairy and all , why do you all say this?
How can you accept and find the man sexy hot and all if you are emotionally into this man? Even if you make him shave or wax he would have to do it religiously and still won't be able to get nice skin that's nice and comfortable to touch as is the case with naturally less hairy skin in a man/woman.
Would you be able to tolerate full body stubble? Won't this be a suffering for you?

Oh well maybe this should have been in the relationship section.


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  • Some women actually like hairy men. Try not to worry so much.

    • Well to be honest with you I am talking about LOTS of hair all over the bidt. I hope am Ave to Make it clear as to how much hairiness I am talking about.

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    • Yessssss

    • so? isn't it a torture?

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