I don't know what girls want?

I'm 18 years old and despite having two girlfriends and other girls liking me in the past I have no idea what they want. Basically I suck at approaching girls.

I have never gotten the girl I like in that respective period. I feel like time is running out for me to learn.


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  • Girls like a lot of things. They like a guy who is confident. Is strong and provides well for her in many respects. Can make her feel really good emotions. Is good in bed lol. Knows what he wants. Is dominant and knows his self-worth. Is someone who has pride in himself and has strong beliefs. Someone that doesn't give a crap about what people think of him. He is just himself and proud of that.

    Anyways you can creat a huge list of what women want. The thing is you need to be able to convey this to women when you first meet them. So hold yourself well and be confident and dont be afraid if they reject you. You dont want to be needy and worry if they dont like you. Who cares. Its just one girl and you dont have to change yourself just for her. There are plenty of other girls and if she says no then thats her loss. You have to go in believing that you are the catch and not her. Women find that attractive. Women always want a guy who is a catch and seen as maybe better than her. Im not saying that its a power game but more of she wants to be oart of your world and you lead her to something better rather than you going into her world. She wants to be swept up off her feet by a guy who truly gets her and has that edge where he us kinda nice but has a bad side too. Keeps her guessing and gives her that emotional butterflies.

    • I have trouble with the confidence thing and I don't know how to change it

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    • Thats alright. When someone runs out of things to say the worst thing to do is make it more awkward by being fidgety or looking around nervously and things like that. You can actually use that pause to your advantage by keeping good solid eye contact with a friendly face or even seductive face. The girl will feel butterflies bc its similar to the moment just before a kiss when you are both silent and staring at each other. She might shyly turn away or blush or something cute. Then you can actually say 'you look cute when you are shy' or when you blush or whatever and make it kinda flirty.

    • Thanks, I like the advice you've given me

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  • No such thing as what girls want. Each individual person want something different. You should just work on your skills and eventually you'll find someone who wants what you can offer.

  • I want to tell you it gets better but it doesn't.. Lel.

    • Yea it won't get better if I stay the same, but I have to try lol

    • Yea, I was your age when I said "fuck it" and now I have no game.

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