Do you get jealous when you have feelings for a person?

This guy and I have something very real but it isn't a committed relationship. Neither of us are ready to be in one.

We had a talk last night basically redrawing the boundaries of our relationship (which is a deep friendship and occasional sex) because I felt it was time. We went to a coffee shop and the guy at the counter was flirting with me. While it was obvious, it wasn't too aggressive but my guy just lost it for a moment - he told him "ok, enough with the cutesie stuff" in a stern tone and remained cross with the guy while ordering.

Do men get jealous like this all the time? Or only when he has feelings for a girl?


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  • Only when feelings are involved, and it can just be an important friendship or it could be romantic. One thing is for sure if a guy cares for a woman he will be very protective of her. I would say your friend has romantic feelings mixed with friendship and that can be very confusing for anyone, but especially for men, who tend not to be emotional beings.


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